Juan Quesada

Juan Quesada is a great artist!  Juan has such an inspirational story and is a great man.  I first saw Juan in person in Riverside California about 10 years ago.  He was doing a exhibition at the Riverside Art Museum.  He signed his book for me and I watched him do a art exhibition of how he makes his pottery by hand (no wheel involved). He is an awesome potter and has actually passed on the art to his whole village!  I totally recommend the book and his art of course. I have found and included some of my favorite pictures below. I will try and add some more of his art and the other artists in the village as well. They are all really great potters.

When I watched him do it, he used a plaster mold (small) round mold and used clay he dug from the side of the  mountain where he lived!  He did not use a kiln, he used cow shit and fire to fire his pieces!  This "old school" with a contemporary art form with the colorful painting and great form to each piece.  It was something I will never forget.

Juan I could tell was a happy man and actually very social because of the fact that he taught his whole village in Mexico how to do pottery.  I have seen a lot of there work on Ebay and other sites on the net.  It is funny though when I Googled him he does not have a website (I think). If he wants one I would be glad to do one for him... He was very nice and I think he is a great man and a wonderful artist.