Carved Tattooed Pottery

I worked on this piece below tonight.  I like this carved design on a black under glaze called "speedball".  It is a good under glaze but you have to use the speedball clear glaze that goes over it when you fire it to cone 06. Otherwise the glaze will peal/chip off.  I learned that from a piece that I did a coupe weeks ago (below to right).  I must have spent about 4 hours on this black and white piece and fired it with a Mayco clear glaze and the glaze just chipped off.  I could not fire it again because the black under glaze chipped off with the laze... It SUCKED!  Anyway I did get a good picture out of it.  It is on the home page right now.  I will include the finished picture of this one when I am done with it in about 2 weeks or so.  Check back and also let me know your thoughts on this style.  I want to know what people would classify this piece of pottery as?  Is it Mexican/Indian/Contemprary, what do you think it looks like?  Any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks, Matt