I made this Slash(er) movie today in google picasa

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Slash Pictures (29) pics

I made this Slash(er) movie today  -  hahaha.  I was just screwing around with Picasa movie maker. It was pretty cool and Picasa is a great free tool by the way.  You can download Google Picasa anytime.
You can even insert music on top of the pictures you make into a movie.  I will do that next time. 

Slash music videos are pretty awesome!  You can check them here.
Slash Music has always been an inspiration for me.  I have enjoyed slashes music since Guns and saw this latest collage of pics on a link I clicked on the Sixx Sense website another artist I like very much and am actually tailoring my website after this one a bit. I like this website, Vans, Kat Von D.'s Website, etc.. Trying again to get the cool factor on my site. Anyway, the link was Slash music radio, you can check out more slash stuff on this slash music radio station.

I am trying to link up artists that have the "cool" factor to go along with my site at www.tootallspottery.com you can find links to places like Vans, Sephora, Kat Von D. and the like... I personally make a line of custom memorial "Art Urns" that are made by throwing pottery on the potters wheel and then making a wood lid for it. They are pretty cool and fun to make.