Handmade custom ceramic Bonsai pots for sale

I have been making Bonsai pots for as long as I have been doing my pottery.  Recently I have had the idea of incorporating my new style of tattooing the ceramic bonsai pot.  I really enjoy using a tattoo gun to carve out the relief patterns in my tattoo art carvings. I want to make a coy fish tattoo on the new piece I am working on.  My friend Jose has a Coy fish on his leg I took this picture of it about a week ago. He would like me to put this tattoo on a bonsai pot for him so I will be working on that. I just carved this Hawk Urn and Tiger urn below for a customer as well.  I think they turned out really good and I am
looking forward to using more vibrant colors like the bold colorful Ed Hardy Tattoos.

All of the bonsai pots for sale below are handmade my me.  If for some reason I don't have a bonsai pot for sale listed below in stock I can definitely make one special order for you.  They will be slightly different because each one is handmade on the potters wheel but it will be a very close representation of the bonsai pot below.  More specialty tattoo bonsai pots coming real soon....

We service all of Santa Barbara County and LA County.  We offer Local pick up or delivery in these counties and FREE Shipping on any bonsai pot (without plant) - 5 Day UPS Ground shipping.

Call Today to order your custom tattoo ceramic bonsai pot:  (805)-765-1113

I like to make mini bonsai pots too.  These are nice and can be very unique with
the right plant. I used a black and green glaze on the one above. Sometimes I
smoke them in a smoker for several hours and that gives them nice earth tone
colors like brown, subtle hughes of green and red. I have made miniature bonsai
pot sets with different colors for some of my clients. You don;t see it but I also
make  small little bonsai pot trays for them as well.  

Matthew S. Kennedy, Ceramic Artist
Cell: 805-765-1113 www.tootallspottery.com Bookmark and Share Subscribe in a reader


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