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i was born in the USA.. but grew up in europe and africa.. later on i lived in asia, returned to europe and here again lived in various countries. now i live in
the south of hungary and love it!

i am ‘varied’… and so is my art. photomanipulation, digital paintings, fractals, photography.. i love it all.. i use it all…

my main style of art.. or rather my recurring theme though is the dark side… the dark side of life.. of living.. of situations .. of people.. places. i have lived
through many dark moments… from having a very severe form of a phobia, nearly losing my life in a car accident, abuse both physical and mental..

i am a happy person though.. i am optimistic, but also realistic. i love living.. i love people.. i love life.. perhaps because i have been given the gift to create
art.. to re-create and thus rid myself of those dark and sinister moments in my life.

music has also played a big role in my life, always has and always will. music is energy, medicine, living, breathing, healing, love, life.. all these things and
more. i enjoy a great variety of music, but am especially partial to one instrument, and that is the guitar. from rock to blues, from funk to classic flamenco.. i
love it... tv ? nope.. give me a good stereo, some earphones and then off i go, carried by the sounds created by musicians such as Joe Satriani, Paco de
Lucia, John Lee Hooker, and many more.

mimulux, hungary, may 2010