Peter Worsley artist from Santa Barbara

Peter Worsley - Artist’s Statement:
My narrative or story paintings are of ordinary people doing everyday things. They explore the interactions between
people as they go about their life.

Each painting hopefully triggers a thought from your past. Each look helps you uncover something new. Their
brightness and color draws you in with their vibrancy. If you like easy to understand paintings, you will enjoy my work.

These coloful, realistic, figurative, repesentational scene paintings are in the style of late period Social Realism (think
Norman Rockwell), but brought into the 21st Century.

They may be found in many private and corporate collections, and are collected internationally.

To discuss more details about how I paint, look at my “How I do It” articles, or please contact me to discuss in more

His serious work in the visual arts began in 1996, after retiring from some fifty years in industry.

Though largely self taught, by living in Santa Barbara, California, he has gained from its long tradition with the visual arts
and as the home of many famous artists. Today their contemporaries teach locally and have provided him with guidance
and critique.

Born in 1929, in London, England, as a small boy Peter carried around a notebook to record and sketch is thoughts and
ideas. Largely home schooled, this was followed by attendance, during the years of World War II, at a prestigious West
London private high school. There he produced his early significant artworks – some award winning poster designs to
promote Savings Bonds. Upon graduating, Worsley was drafted into the Royal Air Force. When discharged, he worked in
industry while continuing his studies at the London University, graduating in 1953.

In 1956 Peter was recruited to join a small Southern California company. Soon joined by his wife, they lived for some years
on the beach in Malibu, California. There, he began acrylic painting. But work pressures prevented much production. In
1968 they moved first to San Diego, then moved again in 1970 to Santa Barbara.
Life As An Artist:

After retirement in 1996, Peter began a new career as a fine artist painter. First he chose to work in watercolor. He began
an 18-month cycle on art theory, followed by periods of studio studies, critiques, figure drawing, “en plein air,” drawing, and
painting which continues today. Local artists who have contributed to his skill including Cathy Quiel, John Iwerks, Paula
Sandefur, Duane Unkefer, Jorgen Hansen, Chris Chapman, Jim Armstrong, Thomas Van Stein, Warner Nienows, and
Michael Drury.

While painting with watercolor, Peter gradually began introducing opaque gouache. Finding this media very satisfying, for
several years he produced many gouache paintings, mainly on board.

From these early attempts and struggles, his work has evolved where today he paints representational, colorful, figurative,
picture stories, using oil on canvas. These are of ordinary people doing everyday things. They explore the interactions
between people as they go about their life.

His scene paintings are in the style of late period Social Realism (Norman Rockwell), but brought into the 21st Century.
Their brightness and color draws in the viewer with their vibrancy.

For many years he has included people in his paintings. To him, people add life. Landscapes, while often beautiful,
somehow seemed lacking in reality without people. He frequently depicts human interactions, often with a back story.

Active in the local art community, Peter is a Past President of both the Santa Barbara Art Association and the Goleta Valley
Art Association, a member of the Santa Barbara Studio Artists, and a Founder and Director of the Santa Barbara Visual
Arts Alliance.

For him, studying art and art history is a never-ending process, with always more to discover and skills to hone. Painting is
a continual learning process. Peter is always experimenting - trying new subjects, new methods, and new materials.

To further discuss the painting process and his career in painting contact Peter.

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