Making the Jewish Star Urn again today.

I am also making the Jewish star urn that I have pictured here today. I had someone buy it on another urn site a couple days ago that my urns are on: Prestige Memorials

I really enjoy carving this particular design on this urn. I will have to do a video showing how I make the carvings on my art urns. This urn has a crackle finish to it and then I fill in the carved portion with a black enamel that is made specifically for ceramics. I hand carve every rock that goes on the top of the urn. This piece also has a wood called "red mahogany". It is a beautiful piece of wood and has some really nice shinny red tones to it.

I also have this particular urn advertised in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. They purchased this urn from me about 6 months ago.

Matthew S. Kennedy
Cell: 562-760-7955
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