Handmade bonsai pots

This morning I have been investigating handmade bonsai pots online because Google says that I am getting a lot of hits for bonsai pots so I am going to try and make some today. I have made several for my home and garden. I really enjoy making bonsai pots because I love to garden, gardening helps me get centered and ready for the day. When I go water the plants and the yard in the morning I really feel like I have accomplished something that needed to be done and at the same time I feel like I am giving to the plants and they give back to me by producing beautiful blooms. We can learn a lot about plants not to mention they provide the oxygen that is so necessary for us humans here on earth. I have some beautiful wild flowers and different bonsai in my garden.

Matthew S. Kennedy
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Greg Smith said…
Wow so nice! Your presentation is beautiful & amazing. thanks for share this . Thanks a lot!

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