Tribal Tattoo Urns

We have a full line of custom cremation urns at I specialize in custom one of a kind cremation urns like no other. These Japanese style Kanji urns are nice to produce as the art looks really striking on the front of the piece.

I received my inspiration for these one of a kind art urns from the show
"Miami Ink" on TV. I though wow I can do that, put art on urns like that... I can transfer the drawing or artwork onto the piece of art and carve the design out instead of using a tattoo gun. (I also have a tattoo gun though that I can use on the clay as well). I can make just about any design you can think of and put that "theme" on the urn.

Kanji tattoos are so popular and I thought some people love there tattoos so much that why can't they have an art urn made for them that is representative of the art they wore on there body. What better tribute can you have to your loved one to have the art that was o
n there body on the urn itself.


Tribal Tattoo said…
Never seen tribal urns before, that would be cool