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Artist Statement
Many of my paintings have a main character who is living and interacting in some way with an urban environment. Living in Los Angeles has such a profound impact on my life and I am constantly aware of the people who live here. I am fascinated by their reactions to various circumstances as well as my own reactions to them and the urban sprawl I call home. I lived half of my life in a small town of only 100 people. The mass of 10 million neighbors is bewildering and provides me with endless subject matter.
Subconscious emotions can be seen on the facial expressions and in the body language of my subjects. The cityscapes are depicted in a unique way. Some reflect an edginess or coldness while others are warm and inviting. The environment is indicative of the main characters and how they would relate to their world.
Biographical Info.
As the son of an art teacher, I started my art training early. My mother often hadme test art projects in preparation for her curriculum. I grew up in a tiny ruraltown of 105 residents. With few distractions I had plenty of opportunities to develop my imagination. I went on to study Fine Art and Art History at Nebraska Wesleyan University. At age twenty I had my first studio space and gallery openings at the Burkholder Project in Lincoln, Nebraska. Since then I’ve shown my work in art venues throughout the country.
At age thirty two, I now live in Redondo Beach and create my artwork in a studio where I paint whatever it is I want to see. My work captures the imaginations of today's art collector with an open heart and open mind.
Many of the paintings on this site have already sold, however I am open to creating similar pieces if the painting you like is already gone. If you see something you like you need to contact me to find out the price and availablility.
Thank you for your interest in my artwork.
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