El Gato Classic Custom Trophy

This is a custom trophy that I created to the El Gato Classic by The event will be held in Palm Springs and should be awesome! 

Description:  Ceramic plate I threw on the potters wheel with clear crackle glaze & Black Gloss Glaze. I am the first ceramic artist to use a tattoo machine on ceramics to create a relief carving. I drip black ink in the areas where I use the tattoo machine. below is a video of me tattooing on this piece. 

I am using a jwelery wheel to clean the ink from the crackle glaze. 

This is what it looks like to apply the black ink to the carved/tattooed areas of the piece.

I will document the process below with pictures... 

This is the logo of the event and a skater graphic I printed out to trace onto the piece. I do basically the same thing that a tattoo artist does on people but I do it and I have no blood or bitching people to deal with :)

I use a v-tool to carve the the design after I trace it. 

After I am done carving and tattooing the piece then I fire it in the kiln and glaze it.

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