Handmade Custom Memorial Tattoo Art Memorial Urn by Ceramic Artist Matthew Kennedy Call 805-975-7521 or e-mail: tootallspottery@gmail.com

Description:  This is a red and black Dragon Urn that I just created. It has black glaze on one half of the piece and then a combination of different spray paints for the other half. I laid down a texture paint first then a black and then a glitter red to achieve this texture red color. It has specks of white in it as well. I hand carved the rock knob for the piece and used the same spray paint combination. The dragon is carved/tattooed with a red ink painted in. Wood for the lid and the base are black walnut with orange oil applied. Red enamel was used for the dots around the urn.

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Mission Statement:

I want to bring peace and comfort to people grieving. Why:  I take a great amount of personal care and reverence when preparing a cremation urn for a loved one. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to be the one that prepares for the spirits final resting place. I want the person’s spirit to be in peace and be happy with what I create for them. I often ask for a picture of the loved one so that I can somehow connect with them as I go through the process of creating their final resting place so that they will approve of the piece. 

I am the first artist to use a tattoo machine to carve with on ceramics! I specialize in custom one-of-a-kind memorial urns. I can carve and tattoo pretty much any design just like a tattoo artist would do onto ceramics. Many people don’t realize that 50% of tattoos that people get are “Memorial Tattoos”. If you have a tattoo design that reminds you of your loved that you want me to tattoo on a custom cremation urn please contact me:  Matt tootallspottery@gmail.com
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