New Style of Eating for this Guy...

This is what my new style of eating looks like. I came home last night and went to Sprouts and said "I am cutting out sugar"! White flour, etc... I will still eat popcorn at the movies and be a "real person" I am just only going to have good food in the house.
  I noticed how addicted I was getting to sugar and it is REALLY scary when you start finding out what big business is presenting to us. I have been watching Netflix and show like: 

I should re-state that and say that I AM Addicted to sugar and all of are. I have been looking at the grocery store and all I can find is things with sugar in them. I tried salads - look at the label for the dressings - SUGAR! Look at all the processed foods and the crap that is causing cancer literally. 1 in 3 of us will be diabetic - WTF? Who else is freaked about all of this?