Tattoo Stencils Second Day of Carving and Tattoing

Below are the two carvings I have done in the last couple of days. I am playing around with Ceramic Tattoo Tiles. They are 8X10" and I will be selling them for between $35.00 and $185.00 depending on detail and hours put in. This is a dragon carving that I did for a Cremation Urn customer of mine. He just lost his son at a very young age and he was born in the year of the dragon.

This is just the carving without using the Tattoo Machine yet.

This is the carving with the use of my tattoo machine below. It gives the clay a fury texture and I really enjoy using it. Just like the sound of the tattoo machine, it is almost like coloring I guess and they say coloring is relaxing so...

This is a Tribal Cat that I carved today. I like it because it has bold lines and makes a statement! I will be using a white crackle glaze on most of my ceramic tattoo tiles and then using inks/water colors to fill in where I use the tattoo machine on the design. This one should be able to be fired in about a week or so. 

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