Introducing Nikee Leigh

Available for shoots all over USA and happy to travel anywhere. If you would like me to travel to your area; all travel expenses should be covered and a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold the date of shoot. The photographer who does pay the travel expenses does receive a discounted day rate as I understand it can be very costly. Please inquire about my travel specials and rates. 

Please keep good communication with me especially if I am traveling to you; I like bookings to be organized. If an extended period of time goes by and I cannot get in touch with you to confirm I will fill the spot assuming you had a change of mind. 

Trade/TF* Assignments 
Very rarely do I work for free but I do make exceptions which are: 
-GUARANTEED tearsheets or published work (not submissions) 
-An established, known photographer that will add something exceptional to my portfolio. 
-An opportunity that will look great on my resume 
-Depending on location, I will consider shooting trade for travel if the assignment and offer is too good to pass up. 

NO INTEREST in shooting ANY adult content, webcam work, explicit nudity, girl on girl, girl on guy, fetish, feet fetish, bondage etc...I will ignore and delete the request as my response is right here!

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