Amazing Colored Water Droplets At High Speed


In an amazing display of high-speed photography, Ohio-based photographer Jim Kramer captured spectacular images of water droplets colliding—resulting in a symphony of colors and patterns 

The photos were achieved with the use of high-speed digital cameras and by mixing various liquid substances with additives—resulting in different liquid consistencies and droplet effects. 

Other objects—such as pinballs, magnets and lasers—are thrown into the mix for added effects. 

By using stop shot technology to track the path of the water droplets, a flash is set off at the immediate point of impact to illuminate the shot. 

Black and white glass or mirrors were also used as backdrops to further manipulate the images. 

According to Kramer, he said that his inspiration comes from the fact that no two shots are same and the potential variations are limitless! 

What do you think about his high-speed photography? 














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