My Favorite Products: Aveeno, Cafe Escapes Chai Latte, Ice Breakers - Ice Cubes, Werthers Original

This is my personal list of my favorite products I have been using/tasting lately. I have had some awesome suggestions from friends and I like the products so much I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to it. ENJOY :)

This is an awesome product for swimmers! I swim for 1 hour a day and get dry skin due to the chlorine. Combined with the cold weather right now and you have got some major itch! This stuff has Oatmeal in it and it moisturizes the skin like nothing I have ever used (of course I am a guy so....) But it is good, a little expensive like $10.00 a bottle at Target but well worth it. I use the Aveeno shampoo/body wash in the shower and I also use the Aveeno lotion once in a while. I don't have to use the Aveeno lotion to often because the shampoo/body wash is so good. 
This is amazing I just had my first cup this morning and it is gooooood :) I got it at Target for $12.99 and if you like Chai Tea when you go to the Thai Restaurant's you will love this hot version! 
OMG! This is the best gum I have ever tasted!!! Costco sells it. It is the best gum because 1. you can blow good bubbles with it. 2. It last a long time. 3. It has minty crytals for your breath. Just a great gum!!!

Werthers Original (Caramel Apple) 
These are just very addictive... They are a quick melt in your mouth with a very juicy apple center... I get mine at Walgreens.
Please comment on this blog if you like/dislike the products listed... Speak your mind, don't be shy... ;)