Blood Into Wine a film by Ryan Page & Christopher Pomerenke Tool

Blood Into Wine
a film by Ryan Page & Christopher Pomerenke

So I was watching this film Blood Into Wine last night on Netflix and it was pretty cool I must say. James Maynard (From the band Tool) looks like my kinda guy.. He doesn't give a shit if he makes money or not, he is just being true to himself and doing what he loves with his life. I can really respect that and I think that he is in it for the long hall. I am in my business for the long hall as well. He said in the film something like it takes about 7 years or so to make things happen in your life and I totally believe this. He is willing to put it all on the line and I give him mad props for keeping it real and living with conviction. I am listening to tool now and I like the band as well. The two guys in the (suppose to be funny) commercial blips are pretty stupid but the rest of the film kicks ass, I guess that's why it got 4 1/2 stars.. I also liked that he stays humble and takes the time to really learn his new art medium. As an artist I can also appreciate making wine as a art form. It is much like ceramic art.. It take a long time to see the final product and you can make a thousand mistakes in between start to finish. The gratification that comes seeing a project through like making a bottle of wine or creating say an art urn is pretty amazing because you have put so much of yourself and your time into it that you really feel accomplished and proud of what you have done if it turns out well. I don't drink wine, have been sober for 16 years now but I can appreciate peoples interest in great wines. 

Keenen is best known as the lead singer of the rock band Tool and A Perfect Circle. He has a new project that looks pretty cool - Puscifer

Blood into Wine (Maynard James Keenan): 

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