Sad Day for TooTall's Pottery - Great day for you!!!

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Well, it is here the end of another clay/art adventure (for the time being).  I am OK with it but it is sad and tiring to have to sell everything again! This will make the third time I have had to do this. Lesson learned this time but we won't get into that. 

Buy my shit Please!
I am selling all of my art stuff for a really good price.  I will try and describe each picture below:

Potters wheel and stuff
This is a pottery wheel that is very cool. It is a table top wheel and it is great for throwing standing up or you can get a little stand for it and throw the regular way too. Here is a link for the complete product specs. It is dirty but only 6 months old, I will charge another $20.00 to clean for you haha. 

What the wheel will look like when you or I clean it up. I am asking $175.00 OBO retails for $383.00 online - 6 months old.
These are potters bats and I have about 14 of them. They retail for $12.00 a piece they are 12" in diameter and it makes it so nice to throw a piece and then just pull this plate off and set it to the side and grab another. 6 months old. I am selling for $6.00 a piece OBO.

Misc. Potters tools. I have a lot more than what is listed here. I will give you a great deal on these tools. Each tool can cost $3.00 to $15.00 each. We can work out a fair price for all of them. 
These are plastic shelving you can have just take them away... 
 Yes, the spider plant goes too - FREE to good home... More metal shelves for free. Rags and misc... stuff all of it goes..
 These are bits of glass in all different colors. It is called glass frit and each one of these jars costs about $8.00+ I will sell all of them for $25.00 OBO.
 I have some cool glazes and other paints - (very costly) I will see for $50.00 takes all of them.
 Cork pads, glazes, etc... 
More paints and inks, etc... all for $50.00 
 Brushes, bading wheels, etc... Come by and make me an offer..

Cress Ceramic Kiln

This is a very good Cress Kiln. Comes with low fire cones, 3 shelves, bunch of posts and stands, etc... New tube assembly works great! $350.00 takes it. 

Wood Working Equipment
I have a nice set up again about 6 months old. Below is a mini lathe, Band saw (with extra blade), face shield, air compressor, Shop Vac, Saw, Sanding machine, Fans, clamps, Lathe tools (the best), waxes, exotic woods, etc... I am selling all of it for $450.00 OBO this is worth well over $1,200.00+

This is a dolly form Home Depot. I am asking $15.00 OBO
 This is a Glss top table I have (2) I am asking $15.00 each OBO

 This is a nice brown chair I am asking $15.00 OBO
 Free (fire plant) to good home...
 This is a HP Printer about 2 years old works great. I am asking $25.00 OBO

This is a lighting studio (high powered lighting for great close up pics). I am asking $25.00 for both OBO 

 Books. FREE to good home
 Mini Frig with tattoo stickers -  I am asking $25.00 OBO

Small Micro - I am asking $15.00 OBO
Office chair (2). I am asking $15.00 each OBO 
Helmet $50.00 OBO almost new...
 Alpine Star Gloves $45.00 OBO

 3X Tourmaster Jacket - NEW $100.00 OBO